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About | NPSI

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The NPSI Model

Our holistic approach is based on the integration of three critical strategies:


District-wide framework

School district leadership has a clear plan for increasing student postsecondary outcomes that is tied to measurable data points.


Data is powerful

Connecting district information with third-party datasets, analyzing data by subgroups, in order to identify where strategies need to be developed.


Counselors are leaders

District empowers counselors to lead the postsecondary access work within their schools, engaging partners in the process.


NPSI consultants all have first-hand experience working in a school district.

Action plans and goal setting

Needs assessments and gap analysis

Student-focused counseling strategies

Data collection and analysis

Middle to high school transition

Counselor time analysis

FAFSA completion and monitoring

Monitoring student/program outcomes

High school graduation strategies

Postsecondary and workforce readiness strategies

Strategies for postsecondary matriculation, persistence, and completion

Principal/counselor leadership

Counseling/data partnerships

Engaged data delivery systems

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High-quality at low prices! Welcome to our website

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